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The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?


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  • A_O'Connor:
    Hey everyone! I want to announce my intention to set a new round trip FKT for this route. I will be using support from my crew at the summit, so I will target the supported FKT, however I would like to break the unsupported FKT as well. I will make… read more »
  • marcy_beard:
    Thanks Peter! 15:01:11, nice long day amid the redwoods in cool weather. I'll agree with previous runners that the return is more challenging than expected, especially the last few miles with more hills than were there earlier in the day. I had to… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Looks like Marcy got it done right around 15hr. I expect we’ll see details soon. Nice job Marcy!
  • kurtachtenhagen:
    Trip report from 2014 can be found here:
  • marcy_beard:
    Tomorrow (Thursday April 19) I'm planning to attempt to run the Skyline to Sea Trail from the sea to the skyline and back to set the first female FKT. Tracking link: It will be an unsupported run, using water spigots at… read more »



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