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The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?


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  • pbakwin:
    "Shiggy" sent the following comment: Hi, I am going to follow Jupiter's example and state my plan on this new website too. As Jupiter I will try FKT for PCT yo-yo in the same style like him. I will start 05/22 and will use Garmin In reach set at 30… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Jamieson Hatt posted intent to set an FKT on this trail: Thank you for this site!!! It’s amazing. Myself, Casey Thivierge and Derek Mulhall will be doing an fkt of the Elgin Trail this Saturday, April 7/2018. It will be an unsupported effort for the… read more »
  • Matterhong:
    My friend Rob Dougall and I ran this for my Birthday last year. We had to go around some of the parks that were either not open or closed when we passed through but in all instances we took a longer rather than a shorter path. Here's a Strava track… read more »
  • Flukey Dukey:
    From 27-29 April 2018, myself (Simon Duke) and Rohan Rowling will attempt to set a new unsupported accompanied FKT for the Larapinta Trail. The FKT attempt will be 231km long (the total distance of all 12 sections of the trail). We have set the… read more »
  • maxwell_hopwood:
    Hey Stu. wondering if you have any reports associated with your traverse; and additionally, if you had more information regarding the route?



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