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  • zanesur:
    Hey Phil. Looks like we had the same vision! Such a fun traverse. I submitted our route as well. This was our second year doing it the same week, and hoping to make a tradition out of it (however, this was a slow year. hot and hydration issues)… read more »
  • chips:
    Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but isn't the 100-mile wilderness well under 100 miles? Or do I have the course wrong? Does it end atop Khatadin?,-69.5352003/45.8352993,-68.9…
  • natalieghelfi:
    I set out early around 6am with Ryan Ghelfi this morning for the Half dome Fkt. I went up the traditional route and Ryan up the climbers route that Dean Potter had used. I reached the sub dome and saw Ryan descending as I was about to start my climb… read more »
  • RyanGhelfi:
    We had a good day overall. I did not break Deans time. I was pretty tired from having done a recon of the route two days before. I still went hard up to the summit (1:31:05), and then I decided to go down and run with Natalie the rest of the way. I'… read more »
  • RyanGhelfi:
    New FKT site new comment section, hopefully this can link to the old ones somehow? Anyhow. I am going to be making an attempt on the round trip Half Dome record tomorrow (May 9, 2018) with a planned departure time at 6am. The cables are currently… read more »



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