Route: Around Mt Adams (WA)

Washington, US

Tim Dearden posted the route:

Mt. Adams has an "around the mountain" trail (Trail #9), that is partially made up of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Highline Trail.  The east side of Mt Adams is on the Yakima Indian Reservation where there is no trail for several miles across the Mazama Glacier, Klickitat Glacier and Rusk Glacier.

Any route can be followed to circumnavigate Mt. Adams as long as the runner/hiker does not go above 8,500 ft in elevation.  The high point is typically Sunrise Camp, on the east side of Mt Adams at about 8,400 ft.  If the trail is utilized (where there is one), the distance around Mt. Adams can be upwards of 40 miles.  The runner/hiker can also elect to go high above the trail (as long as it is below 8,500 ft) on certain sections that cuts off mileage, but significantly slows the pace as there are countless moraines and glaciers to cross.

Typically, the challenge is started from Cold Springs (elevation 5,300) on the south side of Mt. Adams, but could be started from anywhere, as long as it is from a place that can be driven to with a vehicle.

The "Reverse Lollipop" was first done by Matt Palilla & Seth Wolpin, and consists of climbing up & down the mountain, and then running around it.