Route: Capital Ring (London, UK)

United Kingdom

sanderson posted the route:

The Capital Ring is a 78 mile (126km) path around London, linking up parks and green places. It officially starts at Woolwich Foot Tunnel but the circular nature of the path means that it can be started and finished at any place. I have researched an FKT for this path but as yet have been unable to find any record of an attempt. 

Mick Warwick posted about a possible FKT:

Found some notes and photos by a guy called Sark Kenny he claims to have done the entire run in 20 hours and 40 minutes (supported) [Oct. 19-20, 2013]
Photo evidence enough? His captions are more of a history of London and less of a run log. -




My friend Rob Dougall and I ran this for my Birthday last year. We had to go around some of the parks that were either not open or closed when we passed through but in all instances we took a longer rather than a shorter path. Here's a Strava track: Here it is on Garmin Connect: Our duration for the whole run was 17:40 but 18 minutes was running to and from the trailhead - so let's go with 17:22.

There are photos on my Strava track. It was a fun way to spend the day and see some of London I would have never seen otherwise - but I enjoyed running around Mount Rainier much more in terms of scenery. It's a pretty urban slog. I think beating this FKT would be relatively easy for someone who is in good shape and has a nice summer day to spend circumnavigating the capital - our pace was not super fast. Summer is better as paths are dry and days are long - this trail can get super muddy in the wet weather.

I've posted on the old site, was hoping to do this last year but didn't get chance. I'm aiming to have a go at the record this Thursday 28th June starting around 6am.

Rob and Matthew's time is a hard act to follow especially during a heatwave!

I've completed a full recce of the Capital Ring. I'm expecting to have to detour off the Greenway and around Highgate woods but will ensure I take a longer route than the main one for these sections.

I'm running self supported, i've asked a couple of people to witness me as proof but they won't be providing assistance.

I tried out a spot tracker but found it unreliable so i'm recording the run with my Suunto Ambit. Hoping that Runkeeper also holds out on my phone but phone battery may not hold out the full duration. I'll try and use Runkeeper Live - this should be the link to follow my progress but couldn't get it working on a test: or it might be

I'll be tweeting my progress at @superstorr and posting to instagram at superstorr with the hashtag captialringfkt

Fingers crossed!

On my 28th June attempt, starting at Green Lanes by Finsbury Park, I managed 19hrs 05min solo self supported so a little way off the latest FKT.  

My Runkeeper livetrack worked until about Harrow then froze up. I have full .GPX files from my Sunnto & Runkeeper phone app.

Amazing day and just about recovered now. 

I'll post a bit more detail about the run here when I get chance in case its helpful for anyone ready to have a go.

Hats off to Rob & Mathew, their time is impressive.