Route: Elgin Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA

Jamieson Hatt posted the route:

41 km point to point. Port Stanley along Kettle Creek to St Thomas along Dodd Creek to Southdel Drive. Mostly single track with some county roads connecting. Southdel Drive is also the start of the Thames Valley Trail.




Jamieson Hatt posted intent to set an FKT on this trail:
Thank you for this site!!! It’s amazing. Myself, Casey Thivierge and Derek Mulhall will be doing an fkt of the Elgin Trail this Saturday, April 7/2018. It will be an unsupported effort for the 3 of us. We plan on leaving Southdel Drive around 6am. Here is my link to my delorme tracker.
After completion, I will fill out the fkt form. But, since there is no fkt for this trail currently, I thought I’d fill this part out and also give you the heads up that we are attempting it. Thank you so much! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask...