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  • sjunebug:
    Hi all, My husband and I did this route yesterday and I have two notes: 1. The CTFPA website ( shows the northern terminus of the Q at the end of… read more »
  • Alastair.mcdowell:
    The Mallory Porter doesn't really start in Chamonix, since most ascents are made in winter, when its not really accessible to walk up from town, the standard way is to start from the mid station.
  • Brysonpeter325:
    I ran the route today, february 22, for the third time. This was my fastest yet attempt on the route, starting and ending at the wolf pit parking lot south of short off mountain. I completed the route in 6 hrs, 33 minutes. Now seeing the FKT is 5,… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Yes, you can start/finish at any point on the loop.  Have fun!
  • magpie:
    Hello! My partner Constantine and I will be attempting to set the first team FKT on the Great Divide Trail, starting in June. We will be hiking in the self-supported thru-hiker style, carrying our food and supplies between resupplies and walking in… read more »