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  • Bbrandon01:
    Hello, on Saturday, February 15th I plan to attempt a Self Supported run of the North/South Trail (KY/TN). Starting at the North Welcome Center and heading South. I want to start a little before sunrise to hopefully finish by sunset. 
  • marcy_beard:
    Fun report and video!  I enjoyed reliving some of the trail through your experience.  Sounds like you had better conditions in some ways - no spiderweb or dog issues? - but then added a swim!  That looked really cold.  Impressive run.  Thanks for… read more »
  • Alejandro Zapata:
    I am going for the self-supported male FKT tomorrow morning 2/9/20. I will be starting from Lock 12 around 2:30am Eastern Standard Time.
  • Ryan Tetz:
    Note to the admin^ The bike times recorded on the books here so far should be split into solo vs team FKT. That goes strictly for any record involving a bike section. Nice work!
  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    I will make an attempt on the Cottonwood Marble Loop in Death Valley this weekend. I have been gnarly sick for the last 6 days (perks of working with little vectors of disease for a living, lol, I love my students) we will see if I have enough… read more »