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  • greg.branam:
    Christophe did you do this clockwise or counterclockwise from the split you talk about at mile 1.2?
  • alexjbond:
    I agree with this list, one thing I'd add for good and bad gear of the decade. Good gear would be the improvement in active clothing. A lot of this has been in the past few years, but a lot of soft shell, wind shirt, fleece type clothing has been… read more »
  • Jonathan Byers:
    This is a super cursory list just from internet searches, but also point out that the rules for an FKT that " At least 50% of time must be running and/or hiking, vs. other sports." is problematic for this kind of route, because it means that Killian… read more »
  • marcy_beard:
    Fun podcast and great to hear from everyone in the studio!  For my part, I would love to see a customizable vest - specifically for my measurements and also with the pockets in the sizes/locations (and type of closures) that I specify.  So I can… read more »
  • djunior:
    Thath was really good efforts! Diffrence beetween this 2 efforts thath you mentioned and mine are: I drove car by myself beetween mountain ranges and I run also without support.