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  • jasonwish:
    Here are the five videos documenting my FKT on the Sheltowee Trace:   1. FKT announcement 2. FKT preview 3. FKT part 1… read more »
  • xcdarrel17:
    Hey Andrew, awesome time on that route and glad you enjoyed it. I think that was my first time on the trail, but Montgomery County really does an amazing job with them. I was definitely confused with where to start and was trying to follow a gpx… read more »
  • andrewhollis:
    Rachel Carson Trail Challenge 35mile route is a supported race that has been taking place every year since 1998. FKT for that route Male:  Luke Badaczewski / 26 / Gibsonia, PA / 5:49:13 (June 23, 2018) Female: Makenzie O'Connor / 23 / Pittsburgh, PA… read more »
  • Erik Sanders:
    Oh, I think I remember hearing about this, thanks for resending. I guess maybe I get caught up too much in the semantics of it, but given these rules I imagine Longs Peak Tri comes very close to not being in this classification. I'll send over an… read more »
  • Andrew Lent:
    I completed the route yesterday in a time of 4:11:06, and I submitted for a FKT. Thank you Darrel for posting this route! It is one that I grew up running/hiking on, especially the lower sections, and I have been looking for an excuse to go out and… read more »