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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Lucy Clark Te Araroa (NZ) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Saramoira Shields Death Valley N-S Crossing (CA) Unsupported DNF

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  • Greg Mauger:
    Not sure the pervious Trip Report Link works, fixed here:…  
  • Greg Mauger:
    Howdy! Inspired by the most recent FKT podcast I though I would share the trip report for our AFKT (A=almost) or CFKT (C=couples) of the AZT this past Spring.     Koolaid (me) and Early Bird set out on the AZT with a loose intention of pushing hard… read more »
    Hi Amazing last day and overall a staggering achievement for a first attempt at the trail mostly in the dark. I have the current FKT for the Great Glen variant of the Cape Wrath and would be interested one day in having a a proper crack at the main… read more »
  • Nathan Broom:
    I'll try to improve Josh's mark tomorrow. Weather looks clear and pleasant. I'm expecting mud, but no flooding. I plan to start at the Old Barn parking area (aka Isaac's Bottom) around 10am, and run the loop clockwise--the same route Katie ran last… read more »
  • Alex Bond:
    No Mike Foote/Steven Gnam Ptarmigan Traverse on the nomination list? Anybody who beat Leor Pantilat and Uli Steidl was moving mega fast. That Woodside/Berry FKT… read more »