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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Patrick Heine Mid State Trail (PA) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Craig Millikin Ouachita Trail (OK, AR) Unsupported Complete - new FKT!
Mike Jones Cape Wrath Trail (United Kingdom) Self-supported DNF
Léonie van den Haak Tokaido (Japan) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Mick Ward JOGLE / LEJOG (UK) Self-supported In progress
Mallory Brooks Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Becky Rogers Pacific Crest Trail (CA, OR, WA) Self-supported Not yet started

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  • Tall Climber Kevin:
    It's going to be a spicy one but I'm planning on running the 10 Canyon on Saturday (05/08). Will be putting a bike at the end and riding back to my car unless one of you F-Boyz or anyone else wants to give me a ride back. Gonna be something :)
  • Teun Geurts:
    There will be three detours due to maintenance works on bridges and roads. 1. Between Winsum and Groningen, which is taken in account by the track on tracking site. This is a detour of + 900 m. 2. Between Hardenberg and Ommen. This is a detour of -… read more »
  • Teun Geurts:
    Hi, I will make an attempt on the Pieterpad on Tuesday 11th of May, starting from Pieterburen at 10 am local time (CET). I will go self-supported style. I will make use of restaurants, café and supermarkets along the way and I'm planning a couple of… read more »
  • ckoerner87:
    I plan on attempting this route starting tomorrow afternoon. I will be starting on the south end, near the jetties, and my brother will be supporting me in his truck along the way. Driving conditions on the beach will dictate if this actually… read more »
  • RCHU: will be tackling this on the 23rd May. Watch the announcement video and sign up to join us on Strava. Youtube Strava  -RCHU Anthony