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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Dan Barger Western States 200 (CA) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Joe Miller Ozark Trail (MO) Supported Complete - new FKT!

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  • Doug Schneider:
    Thank you! On 10/1/2020 I completed the SB AT self-supported in a time of 18:41:32. I'm an idiot and had my strava set to "hike" and my gamin set to run. I will submit the data as a  self supported FKT, along with photo verification and race report… read more »
  • Christopher Ferrier:
    10/02/2020 Christopher Ferrier and Chad Bruce are making an attempt on the Out and Back Overall FKT for Backbone Trail in the supported style beginning at 7:00 PM tonight. Live tracking is available at this link:
  • James Eastwood:
    Great work. I took this on at the start of lockdown, before I knew about FKT. Just wanted to complete it, but did it in 9:32. It was one hell of a day! Maybe I'll go for the FKT one day.
  • Carleenp:
    A friend and I are going to do this route self-supported starting Oct. 3, 2020. Tracking link should be here:
  • Matt Wotipka:
    Hi, I'm also running on Saturday and will have a crew of folks at a few locations around the mountain.  It looks like you're shooting for going unsupported, but if anything changes and you want / need snacks or transportation at any point, they'll… read more »