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  • sjors van Eijsden:
    Sjors van Eijsen I will attempt a Self-Supported northebound thru hike starting Jan 1th Oasis visitor center  I am going east around Orlando    You can track me on my inreach    you can follow me on instagram  @ Dutch… read more »
  • pstkk:
    Here's an article from 2016 about a local person who did it in 32 hours:… and Also have a look at the Arctic… read more »
  • Grace-WB-Gallagher:
    did not achieve, but had a blast out in muddy and flat texas! maybe another time :)
  • vinnywinning:
    Eastern* not western corridor. 
  • tortocnt:
    Since the last section of the trail is now complete it is possible to run the longer route. The shorter versions has been kepts as well. Route has been updated and first FKT on the longer route been approved. Cheers Torben.