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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Karel Sabbe Via Alpina, Red Trail (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Monaco) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Nick Fowler Pacific Northwest Trail (WA, ID, MT) Self-supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Nick Pedatella Colorado Trail (CO) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Karen Holland Bruce Trail (ON, Canada) Supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Mike Coppock Haute Route Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France) Self-supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Jonathan Thomas Long Trail (VT) Unsupported In progress

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  • Tribuddha:
    Looking over the Strava file, it doesn't look like this FKT time includes Cedar Swamp or the Beehive compared to the OG Acadia Mountain Marathon. Are there two different FKTs? 
  • sarriaalejandro:
    Since the list is now final, what happens to FKT's done between now and the 31st? 
  • Cash:
    Vielen Dank 😀 Ich musste immer wieder an dich und Ole denken, dass ihr hier auch schon lang gelaufen seit 😀 das Stück von Coppenbügge ist schon echt hart  
  • brittaclark:
    Jess M's Presidential Traverse is super impressive--she set it once early in summer, I took a few minutes off and then she came BACK a few days later and shaved 3 minutes off my time! Fun/fierce white mountain competition on a classic route!
  • radiorunsandhikes:
    David Ayala's Sierra High Route FKT is really mind-blowing to me. The SHR has a level of commitment and consequence that is unmatched by the other FKTs on this list, save the WRHR and Eric Gilbertson's Grand Slam.  To take 13 hours off Leor's stout… read more »