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  • jmarks07:
    That's awesome! Are you sure of the time and/or route, though? That is well sub -7.00 on technical trail. Seems right?
  • ladiahallie:
    Hello! Tomorrow (9/1), I'll be going for the women's supported FKT set by Lynn Harmon in 1982 in honor of and with my best friend, Gabriele Grunewald, who passed away in June after a decade long battle with a rare cancer called Adenoid Cystic… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Interesting comment about Vernon.  I don't remember where the info about his 3:20 came from.  It would be great if someone could find him & ask him!  Of course we prefer all FKTs to be based on documentation, especially GPS verifiable times. … read more »
  • robulm32:
    FKT attempt went well for the point-to-point effort portion arriving at the Northern Terminus turn-around in 2:04.42. Made a wrong turn on the route in adding some additional miles to the return trip arriving back in 5:07.28 for a total mileage of… read more »
  • mattebiner:
    Vernon Morris was a strong mountain runner but I have doubts about his listed FKT on the round-trip on the Whitney trail, posted as 3:20:30.  Vernon and I were running buddies and we raced together in various mountain races back in 1991.  That year… read more »