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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Michael Koppy Superior Hiking Trail (MN) Supported In progress
Jacob Snochowski The Dales Way (UK) Supported DNF
Holger Nolte Roswitha-Weg (Germany) Unsupported, accompanied DNF
Coree Woltering Ice Age Trail (WI) Supported In progress

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  • Sirshawn:
    I'm very excited for you Joe Copper!! 
  • joecooper:
    Hey everybody, I’m announcing that I am planning a supported FKT on the Ozark Trail starting on Thursday April 2 at 10am. I’m planning on starting at the western trail head(4155) and traveling north to Onondaga. I will be using a Garmin in reach and… read more »
  • adrianspencer:
    Hypothetically, would a runner who crossing the Potomac along the railroad bridge and not the destroyed pedestrian bridge but adhered to all other elements of the traditional route, be awarded an official FKT? Or is this one on ice until they put… read more »
  • TylerCAndrews:
    Hello world! As announced on social media, I will be attempting this route ROUND TRIP starting at 00:00am on March 16, 2020. The current FKT (not listed here) is by Pemba Sherpa and is 30h00 from around 2010, according to various corroborated local… read more »
  • Buzz Burrell:
    Right; good comment. Front-pointing needs crampons and a stiff sole. For non-front-pointing in cold weather, try Gore-Tex running shoes which are significantly warmer; if really cold put in chemical heat packs (need to size up for that).  This is… read more »