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Amy Ansbaugh Florida Trail (FL) Supported In progress
Shayna Kott Florida Trail (FL) Self-supported In progress

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  • Steve Kenny:
    Hello Everyone!   Well I completed the E2E Northbound - fell well short of the FKT, but was very happy to complete the entire trail. I'll follow up with a report for those that are interested along with my gpx file. But wanted to let everyone know… read more »
  • Terry Stewart:
    Hi Rideau Trail people,     I love that people declare to try this trail end to end in the shortest time. There is something old fashioned and noble about making such a declaration. Well it’s my turn to state my intention, and it is to start in… read more »
  • Drop Dead:
    I'm headed out Tuesday Jun 29 for an unsupported JMT Yo-yo (Happy Isles to Mt Whitney and back). Follow my progress here, if you care to: - Alex "Drop Dead" Darr
  • ultrarunner_jh:
    Awesome! I hope it went well 
  • JackStar:
    Hi all,   I will be attempting this on 16th July - aiming for less than 24 hours with a combination of running and mostly walking. I feel prepared and I have completed the route in sections over the last few months. However, one thing I overlooked… read more »