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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Clayton Barker, Ian Nostrant North Country Trail, Michigan UP Section (MI) Self-supported Complete - New FKT!
Jason Wish Sheltowee Trace (KY) Unsupported Complete - New FKT!
Alyssa Clark Pinhoti Trail (AL, GA) Supported Complete - New FKT pending verification

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  • Ron Berezan:
    On June 4-6, 2021, I will be attempting an Unsupported FKT on the Sunshine Coast  Trail. I will follow the route set out by Nick Duff which includes Gibraltar Lookout, Lewis Lake and Fairview Bay. I'll be speed hiking, fully unsupported, will be… read more »
  • teitloff24:
    I will be going after the one-way FKT on this Saturday 5/29/21.  I will be starting in Harrisburg heading south to the Wetlands Center.  I will be doing this supported by my wife. I will be using Coros Apex Pro as tracking.
  • smkerr:
    Nice course. I made an attempt on April 21. Came out around 1h 32m, so roughly 7 minutes shy. Might take another stab this year! Here's the Strava result: Good on Mr. Caron for setting the FKT at a nice… read more »
  • tonirerekin:
    Прошёл полностью маршрут в формате "Supported" за 71 час.
  • Mike Pini:
    Regional Editor: I have flagged this FKT simply because there appears to be a stretch missing in the south-west corner and I can't be sure how long this part is.