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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Josh Pulattie Oregon Coast Trail (OR) Self-supported Complete - new FKT!
Jacob Cooper Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) Unsupported DNF
Brett Mastrangelo Long Trail (VT) Unsupported DNF
Rosie Campbell Peak District Boundary Walk (UK) Supported DNF
Jessica Pekari Pacific Crest Trail (CA, OR, WA) Self-supported Not yet started
Liz "Mercury" Anjos Appalachian Trail Supported In progress
Avery Collins Nolan's 14 (CO) Unsupported DNF
Logan Williams Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) Supported In progress
Aurelien Sanchez GR 10 (France) Self-supported Not yet started
JOGLE / LEJOG (UK) Supported Not yet started
Alex Wright Colorado Trail (CO) Self-supported Not yet started
Becky Rogers Pacific Crest Trail through WA (WA) Unsupported Not yet started

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  • Madi Salvati:
    Hello! This morning (7/11) around 6:30am, myself, Kayla Dierdorff and Megan Flanagan will be attempting the women’s unsupported FKT that still has yet to be set. We will be starting from Timberline Lodge and heading clockwise! We are so excited to… read more »
  • Alexander Scharl:
    Hi Christian, You write, part of the fkt's is the mountain "high box". But you weren't up for it when you tried. The way to the top of the Easter fire is somewhat confused. It's not the normal way, is it? The loop at Wengwies Castle is also part of… read more »
  • Will Peterson:
    Hi Peter, Thanks for the criteria update - I do however have some questions resulting from this change. First, I have read the guidelines; I had assumed that I could base my planning off of the precedent for the hike that was approved by the website… read more »
  • JJXtreme:
    Thx bud!  It’s funny cuz this was a training run for the 5 Peaks Traverse, so I’m hoping to drop this time to a sub 6hr.. 🏔🏃🏻💨🏔🏔  
  • emoryatterberry:
    Hey Folks, Tomorrow (7/11/2020) I will be attempting the out and back version of the Trinity Trail in an unsupported fashion. I will be tracking via my Garmin 235. Post attempt FKT report/ documentation will be uploaded to this… read more »