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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Nathan Longhurst, Travis Soares Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported In progress
Kristian Morgan Appalachian Trail (AT) Supported In progress
Tara Dower Benton MacKaye Trail (GA, TN, NC) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Witt "El Matador" Wisebram Pacific Crest Trail (CA, OR, WA) Self-supported In progress
John Hardin Appalachian Trail (AT) Supported In progress
Olga King Colorado Trail (CO) Unsupported DNF
Simen Holvik Supported Not yet started
Alan Bateson Wales Coast Path (UK) Supported Not yet started

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  • XC_crow:
    Hey everybody,   I’m announcing that I am planning a self-supported FKT on the Ozark Trail starting on Tuesday October 19th at 6 am. I’m planning on starting at the western trail head(4155) and traveling north to Onondaga. I will be using a Garmin… read more »
  • marke:
    There is no valid, repeatable reason to disregard the times of Mark Fretta, Ryan Bradford, and Apolo Ohno. They are Olympic athletes and the runs were done in the pre-GPS era. Local runners know Joe Gray and Matt Carpenter, and they are both… read more »
  • Rowan Cogger:
    What was the time in which the FKT was completed in? 
  • pbakwin:
    Thank you for pointing out these errors.  Looks like our Regional Editor attempted to fill out this FKT but did not realize that the segment is short. I have corrected Leslie & Neal's FKTs based on their activities on Strava.  The TH-TH times… read more »
  • christofteuscher:
    Starting for a solo and unsupported attempt on Thu, Oct 7, 2021 (~late afternoon). Details and tracking at