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Nathan Longhurst, Travis Soares Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported In progress

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  • Shelby Farrell:
    Whoops! Belated update: Out and back wasn’t in the cards for me this day. Made it one way mostly solo (husband trailed pretty far behind for the first 25– running in the sand isn’t his jam), had a lovely refuel and change of shoes at Shelter Cove… read more »
  • Jesse Wall:
    Brendan, I agree, this route should at the very least go to the SouthWestern Summit of Tumbledown to complete the route. I'm not sure why Sara didn't do the O&B since she did for the other two but this should be included to complete the trio. I… read more »
  • Carlo Scarlata:
    Some great FKTs are set on Mont Blanc, from.Chamonix (Kilian) and Courmayeur (Marco). However, none seems to be set yet from St. Gervais, a village also closely tied to the mountain. The track starts at the church of St. Gervais (800m) and first… read more »
  • stutzam316:
    Hello all,  My name is Michael Stutzman and I plan to start tomorrow morning for a supported attempt going SOBO on the Sheltowee. If my InReach mini works properly you can follow along at: I will track with my… read more »
  • KR:
    Cheers for the message. I know the route pretty well as I've ran it a couple of times before in both directions. Wind doesn't look too bad for tomorrow so decided to start at Cresswell again and run north. I much prefer that direction and agree that… read more »