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  • Sarah J Haley:
    That's awesome. I know some that do the bridge with their run, or even start from the footpath a street below Smith st., but people often miss the true summit of the mountain (as is the case with the Strava segment that includes the bridge) and only… read more »
  • NBLRs:
    A group of us took on the full Ceredigion Coastal Path yesterday (19th of June 2022). We completed the route in 16 hours, 14 minutes and 52 seconds. We ran it as a group and completed it in the same time. We run as part of the NBLRs running… read more »
  • johntheguitar:
    Attempting the Unsupported FKT with a start date of June 27th or 28th.
  • Rob Manley:
    Going for an Unsupported attempt tomorrow morning about 2am with my buddy Zane Morris. It’s early in the season and we have a little snow in the forecast! No telling what will happen but we’re gonna give our best shot!
  • Aaron Newell:
    This route has historically been done for speed from the bottom of the bridge on the lake side. Also, Carly Wynn ran this in high school (July 6, 2010) in 25:02 and descended in 14:02 minutes. It was buried in my HS training logs and an enjoyable… read more »