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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Andrea Sansone Nolan's 14 (CO) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Michael Mcknight Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF
Ben Light Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF
Jason Wish Sheltowee Trace (KY) Supported DNF

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  • ashly.winchester:
    Sarah, you’re right, that would be a self-supported effort. Also, Jessica states in their write up that they are non-binary, so perhaps the site moderators should change the classification of Jessica’s FKT to “non-binary”? Happy Trails!
  • marcy_beard:
    Planning to try the one-way unsupported version tomorrow, despite less-than-ideal physical conditions on my part.  I'm here and it's not as hot as it was a couple days ago, so let's try it and see how it goes!
  • Brianna Pagán:
    I'll be running this Wednesday March 30th in the afternoon! 
  • Sarah Estrella:
    Jessica stated, "I did the route unsupported, previously dropping a water cache half way through", which would make it self-supported, right? 
  • RandyR:
    Yes, permitting is in the guidelines. To me that is the logistical insanity of projects like this.