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  • johntheguitar:
    Headed Southbound from Hodenpyl on June 27th, 2022.
  • Matt Cymanski:
    Just finished the peaks and connections self supported in 13:37, starting at the Killington parking lot and ending at the Stowe parking lot. More to come in an official report soon.
  • meganvonbergen:
    If one were to do this route self-supported, what would be a good spot to stash extra water/food for partway through? Is there a campsite near Route 68, around the halfway point? Is it okay to briefly detour from the trail to get stashed water/food… read more »
  • Anne-Lise Rousset Séguret:
    An incredible, mythical course... The northern part of the GR20 is sublime, ultra technical and mineral. After a first insular ascent, we enter an alpine world, chaotic of an incredible beauty. The cirque of the Solitude, obligatory passage of the… read more »
  • NES:
    Planning on going full lake to lake, south to north tomorrow (Sunday June 26, 2022).  I will be supported. This is mainly part of my training for a 100 in the fall.  Focus will be on 100mile pacing and nutrition. As such, I don’t expect to beat the… read more »