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Nathan Longhurst, Travis Soares Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported In progress

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  • Will Peterson:
    Tomorrow I am heading out for an attempt at the supported/standard FKT (Andrew Thompson's record). I have an awesome support crew that will be helping me along the way, headed by my brother Ben. I will post my tracking link along with updates when I… read more »
  • JJXtreme:
    Do U have Pictures of required Central Cascades Wilderness permits traveling through those areas for Aug 3rd 2021 ?? so it’s a legal FKT?? Because it’s required to have those now..  if Not then it’s Not a Legit/Legal FKT.. & you’ll have to do it… read more »
  • Ben Nephew:
    Ryan Williams asked a few of us to comment on the inclusion of the Garfield summit on this route. My policy has always been to follow the route of the person who set the FKT.  Debates to include various summits on routes could get endless.  With… read more »
  • d_hedges:
    I ran the single Pemi loop in the clockwise direction on August 23rd, 2021 in a time of 5hrs37min44sec. 1min13sec off Kuenzle's current unsupported FKT. Close but no cigar, figured it was notable
  • bradyb:
    Started at 7am with adventure bud @joohm counter clockwise from cloud cap. Beta was solid. Shoes were indeed super full of pumice sand within minutes. Hillman was just as steep as it looked - from where we gave up. Tempted to stop for a swim at… read more »