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Nathan Longhurst, Travis Soares Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported In progress

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  • marcy_beard:
    John and I are planning a Zion downhill trek tomorrow, with a shuttle up to Lava Point.  It's likely we'll follow the Buzz/Jared route on the bottom end, to pop out much closer to the shuttle stop instead of having to do 4+ road miles back to town… read more »
  • Rob Peters:
    I found Paul's email address online & contacted him. Apparently he did run this route, but hasn't submitted it. It sounds like that was a mistake on his part. Here is what he told me: "mostly single track and well-maintained.  The Waugaschance… read more »
  • brookestoker:
    Yes hi hello! I plan on attempting a women's unsupported FKT of the Long Trail starting on August 25. I will be hiking southbound and tracking with a private Garmin page. I love this trail. Inspired and excited! Brooke @bohemianbrooke / @… read more »
  • Sonja:
    I followed signposts when I could and hopefully this will be more clear as they finish the route.  I've emailed with Walking SA and they have informed me that the gps map they have on their website has not been updated to reflect the latest sign… read more »
  • ABellomo:
    Along with Jonathan Richards, I will be looking to establish the one-way record Saturday morning, August 28th.