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Amy Ansbaugh Florida Trail (FL) Supported In progress
Shayna Kott Florida Trail (FL) Self-supported In progress

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  • Sigi Iro:
    Hatte heute einen FKT-Versuch unternommen. Leider bin ich nach 2 km (mit max Puls) falsch abgebogen, dann durch den Wald, aber konnte die Strecke nicht mehr finden. Vorsicht an dieser Stelle ist der Track sehr ungenau und die Zeichen nicht immer… read more »
  • Ethan Hardacre:
    Hi Everyone! I put this route on the calendar for July 13th, 2021. I think I'll end up doing a supported out 'n back attempt. Does any one know if I have to do it from the upper trail head? I think I'd like to start from the lower one if that's cool… read more »
  • laucenci:
    hi, i'm setting out in a couple hours today to set an unsupported FKT on this loop! I'll be starting and ending at the Jo Hays vista parking lot. 
  • karelsabbe:
    I will be going for the supported speed record of the Via Alpina Red. I will start running the 7th of July, and I'll go east to west like Guillaume Arthus, current record holder.  I aim for 85km a day, the daily average I… read more »
  • wpearson:
    Hi all ! I will be going for the women’s unsupported record and starting on June 22nd!    follow on my Instagram @mummahiker or find me on Facebook for updates,  Whitney Page Pearson.