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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Scott Loughney, Ryan Wagner Everest Mailrun (Kathmandu-Everest Base Camp, Nepal) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Lucy Clark Te Araroa (NZ) Supported In progress
Anne Lang Sheltowee Trace (KY) Supported DNF

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  • Preston Daniel Grant:
    Hey Matthew, Hope this reaches you well. If there are no fires, my friend will be attempting the female there and back. Wondering if you would be able to talk about your FKT. Also wondering where exactly you started, since it looks like there is one… read more »
  • runwithtara:
    Super excited to be going for the female unsupported FKT on the Kalalau Trail. This place holds a special place in my heart. I journeyed out on the Kalalau for the first time after my mom passed away in 2016. It was a special experience that I'll… read more »
  • DanFogg:
    Thanks, John!  My finish time ended up being 23:24:09 according to my watch.  Seems like my brother's tracker was pretty flaky, partly because it needed very clear view of the sky and it was sort of hidden in the back of my pack. https://… read more »
  • JohnAndersen:
    Congrats to Dan Fogg on setting a new FKT today in 23:34 running northbound from Rockfish Gap.  It was fun to watch and an impressive performance for sure!  
  • jamiesonhatt:
    I, Jamieson Hatt, will be attempting an unsupported, out and back variation of the Waterloo Pinckney trail on Monday, Oct 28/19. I plan on starting at portage lake bright and early. I’ll be carrying all my food and utilizing the water on the course… read more »