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  • Peggy Emch:
    By the same logic, wouldn't a group or pair doing a route together technically be supported? I just did this route truly unsupported, totally alone from beginning to end, and this is a really different experience than running it with someone. 
  • Christopher Ferrier:
    Follow up to the above announcement of a supported out and back attempt on 10/02/2020: Christopher Ferrier and Chad Bruce did not complete the route, choosing to stop after completing only the out. Here are links to our STRAVA posts which contain… read more »
  • Brenner Burkholder:
    I did this back in 2015 with some buddies, starting at Crags instead. We called it the "Pikes Peak Pain Train" but Backslap is quite accurate! Before I knew who Zach Miller was, we saw him summit at sunrise, take a wiz around the summit house… read more »
  • jesimao:
    Update: had to pull out at mile 62. A few errors getting turned around after a pit stop and some knee pain causing my pace to slow to 30 min miles resulted in a lack of fuel needed for the remaining time I would be out there. I’ll have to try again… read more »
  • Eddy Prince:
    I'm attempting to set a running FKT for the Devon Coast to Coast Two Moors Way 117 miles, unsupported on Friday 27th November. Under 28 hours would be the goal. Hard to put a time on it due to Winter conditions but any time would be an FKT as there… read more »