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  • Clayton Jones:
    Could we clarify if the route as described requires running the ascents, or could someone ride up from 21 to Lucky Peak? I'm not sure if you can ride up Kepros but the question is similar. 
  • aik818:
    As a follow-up, I was informed there was another time of 45:34 run in 2012 by Tom Flahavan.  However, I believe my time is still the second-fastest ever, given that the course is about 7 miles longer now than it was then. 
  • PParsel:
    I'll be heading in tomorrow (10/15/19) to do the Rae Lakes Loop from the Eastern Sierra at the Onion Valley Trailhead since it's a shorter drive for me from Tahoe. Looks like 48ish miles and 11k feet from this side. Planning on a 10-11 hour day. Can… read more »
  • aik818:
    Hello everyone! My name is Adam Kimble and I set out last weekend (10/11/19) to break Kilian's Tahoe Rim Trail supported record from 2009.  While I didn't succeed in breaking his record, I did end up finishing with the second-fastest known time ever… read more »
  • Paul Galipeau:
    Bob Durie and I will attempt an unsupported male team FKT of the Frontenac Challenge on Monday, October 28, 2019. The route we've drawn is about 102km to complete all 11 loops according to FKT and the Frontenac Challenge's rules. To track our time,… read more »