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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Lucy Clark Te Araroa (NZ) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Saramoira Shields Death Valley N-S Crossing (CA) Unsupported DNF

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  • LB:
    First, congrats Jordan on the new FKT! That is some seriously fast running on really technical trails, which anyone who has run or hiked the traverse can appreciate. I like that you used Beacon for the effort and think it would be cool for you to… read more »
  • Ben Nephew:
    For routes, while there are options for summiting some of the Northern peaks, Valley Way is required at this point since this is the current FKT route.  There has been some choose your own adventure in recent years, with runners taking different… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Yes, you can go either direction.  Part of planning for an FKT is deciding which way is faster for you, and picking the best conditions.
  • tbenthompson:
    Since Jordan raised some route questions, I also wanted to ask what people think about a S->N traverse? Would that be acceptable for an FKT? The southern end is over 600 ft elevation higher, so going south to north would involve 1200 ft less… read more »
  • tbenthompson:
    Your run is super inspiring!!  Just wanted to chime in and say that: 1) I think Valley Way should be acceptable though not required.   2) Bummer that folks skipped the Jefferson summit. We shouldn't do that! 3) Yeah, I think people should stay on… read more »