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Lucy Clark Te Araroa (NZ) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Saramoira Shields Death Valley N-S Crossing (CA) Unsupported DNF

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  • Laurent Homier:
    My traverse was also a fundraising for youth mental health. Raised over 10000$. Anyone can contribute by buying a kilometer of my hike at:
  • Laurent Homier:
    I did complete my NOBO traverse with no FKT. After 80 miles in 34 hours I had to let go the unsupported way because of knee and feet pain caused by the weight of the bag. Took a night sleep with my wife in our van at route 140 and went back on the… read more »
  • sstroeer:
    This is a beast... after a few weeks of scouting now, I’m planning on giving it a go sometime between Aug 29 and Sep 8, together with my partners Tara and Ilana. 
  • vandegriftr:
    Hey all! Myself, Ricky Vandegrift and Kylie Yang will be attempting a self supported FKT of the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail. We will start around 5am on 8/28 at the New York border and head south to the Pennsylvania border. To set… read more »
  • Jordan Fields:
    Hello, I am planning to attempt a prezi FKT this fall, should weather/timing permit. However, I want to clarify a few things about this route here before attempting: 1. Is the Valley Way ascent with the out and back to Madison now the accepted route… read more »