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Justin Walker Ozark Highlands Trail (AR) Supported DNF

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  • ashly.winchester:
    I plan on going for this route starting around 3am on the morning of October 10th. I will have my spot tracker and will also have my GPS watch for verification. Live tracking at the link below! Stoked and a little nervous about this one! https://… read more »
  • Emily Wanless:
    I'm a wimp and had to wait until the poison ivy and heat backed off a bit.  Looks like I'm good to go on the poison ivy, but maybe not so much the heat this weekend... it's now or never though!  Giving a (very) supported northbound effort tomorrow,… read more »
  • cluhman:
    I will be attempting an unsupported FKT of the Dane County Ice Age Trail  (Lodi Marsh to Brooklyn Wildlife segments) starting around 5 am on 10 October 2020. Per the map/description of Peter Caldecourt's FKT, I am starting from the Robertson… read more »
  • jamiesonhatt:
    Unfortunately, the trail was impassable. Wish I didn’t drive an hour to find out, but oh well. There is a sign that says trail closed from August until Jan 2021. There was a construction crew working around an overpass. It seems like people have… read more »
  • David Reddel:
    Planning to attempt the Wabash FKT male (unsupported) starting October 10, 2020. Will be tracking with Strava Beacon and a Garmin watch. Link to follow. My 100 mile race (Kettle Moraine 100) was postponed and then cancelled. Time to Chase the Lion!