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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Karel Sabbe Via Alpina, Red Trail (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Monaco) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Nick Fowler Pacific Northwest Trail (WA, ID, MT) Self-supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Nick Pedatella Colorado Trail (CO) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Karen Holland Bruce Trail (ON, Canada) Supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Mike Coppock Haute Route Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France) Self-supported Complete - New FKT pending verification
Jonathan Thomas Long Trail (VT) Unsupported In progress

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  • Jason Hardrath @jasonhardrath:
    Starting at 4am tomorrow (right after I get off a red-eye flight) Rob Manley and I will be attempting George Katsikaris' proposed double traverse pictured on the map of this route. We will start and end in PS.  A live tracking link… read more »
  • Samuel Kirk:
    I'll be running the Escarpment Trail from route 23 to North-South lake 5/01/21.  I'll be tracking with my Garmin, planning to start around 6 am. Not sure if the direction matters for the FKT.  
  • Amanda Presgraves:
    This time last year I ventured out on TWOT for the first time with my new pup, Mistie (on a leash..jeez) - surprising myself with how much FUN I had, beauty was witnessed and with what my body is capable of conquering. My plan is for the two of us… read more »
  • marcy_beard:
    Hi!  Planning to run this tomorrow - looks like some fun nav up in the hills.  Going self-supported (water cache) with 4 friends in a group trek above Flagstaff.
  • Eddy Prince:
    My attempt got cancelled due to Covid. Best of luck T. Rainey & pals with your attempt. Met some of the crew briefly in Bristol. Looking forward to following your progress.