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  • benjaminhea:
    Tomorrow morning I will be attempting the North to South to North FKT, while hopefully picking up the one way FKT as well. I will be treating the second half (South to North) as the one way portion (to follow Tucker's precedent).
  • farley:
    Making the official announcement, in about 12 hours I'll be leaving Durango on my attempt to establish a Denver bound, Collegiate East self supported FKT and challenge Andre Michaud's current overall self supported FKT. Doing it fully self supported… read more »
  • bbutterfield1120:
    Adam, I’m going to give this a try tomorrow! I’m going to follow your GPX file as I don’t think any new trail work has been done this summer.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Katie O:
    So after reviewing the trail maps for the area, I ran the full La Luz trail 137 to the tram way, to cover the 7.5mi as described in just under 1:40. I need to crop off the time fussing with my phone at the start and end 😅
  • Andy James:
    Self-Supported attempt on tap @ 16:00 (decided to push attempt ahead of schedule due to several factors: tropical storm rains in the weeks ahead will most likely flood parts of the trail [if not already] and i reached a point in my training where i… read more »