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  • hawkeye2180:
    In the spirit of holding it to the letter in going for the record (FKT) of the lowest to highest place in the continental USA I will begin at the exact time of Marshall Ulrich’s 1991 quest at 6pm tonight for a pm start in the hottest time of the… read more »
  • mgroenewegen:
    I bailed on the 2nd loop after going into the first on little sleep and would have not had enough calories for the 2nd. I knew going into it that it would be an extraordinary challenge but I had to know whether it was possible. Now it's tangible and… read more »
  • bbutterfield1120:
    I finished in approximately 5:05 today. I’ll work on compiling all the data and post it to the site in a couple days.  Great run, but it was hot out!
  • macleanwright:
    Is this an established and well known route? Or is this more of a day-hike that you submitted as an FKT route? I'm a little confused on this. Also, the vertical gain is expressed as 7600m when it should be 7458 ft according to your GPX file. I hate… read more »
  • Pollee Brookings:
    Leah! Your record still stands :) I started at 6 at Top Spur and went CCW. Was having an absolute blast and was 40 mins ahead of schedule, until the climb to Gnarl Ridge. Epic bonk right as the sun came out! Never really recovered, but enjoyed the… read more »