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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Helen Galerakis Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Lucy Clark Te Araroa (NZ) Supported In progress
Scott Loughney, Ryan Wagner Everest Mailrun (Kathmandu-Everest Base Camp, Nepal) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Anne Lang Sheltowee Trace (KY) Supported DNF

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  • weathertl:
    On July 26, 2019 Tim Dearden and Mason Stock ran around Mt Adams in 7:03:22.  The higher route was followed for the majority of the trip.  Starting at cold springs where a sharp climb up to Sunrise Camp on the east side of the mountain staying well… read more »
  • mexifast:
    Hello FKT world! I will be attempting an UNsupported FKT on the Colorado Trail beginning August 1st at 5 AM.  I will be traveling from Waterton Canyon to Durango and use the Collegiate East route.  I will carry all my food and supplies from start to… read more »
  • mexifast:
    Hello. Just a bit of clarification, are you attempting a SELF supported FKT or an UN supported FKT?  John Zahorian holds the FKT for unsupported at 9d12h32m.  Brandon Stapanowich holds the FKT for the self supported at… read more »
  • Mackenzie Craig:
    Hi Nick, could you clarify if your route turns back at the scramble summit or the less accessible true summit? I can't distinguish the two in your Strava activity. Thank you in advance! 
  • trisha:
    I'm not sure how to submit a time, but Katie Bono has the women's speed record on Mt. Rainier: 4:58:41… read more »