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Bob Stewart Tuscarora Trail (PA, MD, WV, VA) Unsupported Complete - New FKT!
Billy "Wahoo" Meredith Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA) Self-supported In progress

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  • tfinch13:
    I’ll be doing the TVT this Sunday weather permitting. This is my first time trying any trail FKT so I’m not thinking I’ll get anywhere near the top. My goal is 7 hrs. I’ve done the whole trail once (over two days) and each individual park a few… read more »
  • Bernie:
    The "Maryland Challenge" has been around for awhile and AT MD should be its own FKT 40.9 miles (2023).  The "4 state challenge" (which is really a 2 state challenge, MD&WV) was derived by AT thru-hikers as a challenge to go from VA line to PA… read more »
  • COSultrarunner:
    Heads up, the route dead-ends on the north side close to a neighborhood without good parking. There is easy parking by Hobby Lobby and other stores on the south side.  Very pleasant city path with only one street crossing. Otherwise, the path takes… read more »
  • COSultrarunner:
    Heads up, one of the bridges over Papillion Creek has been removed and replaced with a new bridge about 100 yards to the south, so the exact GPS route can no longer be followed. The route should not be traversing grass, so as long as you stay on… read more »
  • Tomas Kazokas:
    This is an amazing route and it is N to S, and not S to N. I don't agree that S to N efforts belong in the same FKT. It takes a very different effort to complete it N to S vs. S to N. Here is the comparison: S to N is 4832ft gain and all the steep… read more »