Attempt: Jeff Garmire on Colorado Trail (CO)

Start Date
Complete - new FKT!

Jeff is carrying a tracker, but the link is private.

Day 1 (8/28):  "At 6:25am MST Jeff began his unsupported FKT attempt of the Colorado Trail. After every other plan was canceled and with sensitivity towards the current pandemic, he thought this would be the year to explore the limits of an unsupported hike. Jeff is carrying all the food and supplies he needs for 485 miles at a record pace, including multiple tiger-themed items and a pair of $6 WalMart shorts. We also have some photographers who will be documenting and updating along the way.  Goal is to hike about 50 miles today, then sleep for 4-5 hours."  Jeff reached the vicinity of Hermosa Peak ~ 51 miles before taking a sleep break.

Day 2 (8/29):  "11:15am. Our film crew saw Jeff after the torrential rain had passed and he was cresting another pass around mile 75. He’s ahead of the current unsupported FKT, and starting to feel the miles. @austinventuress said the next 3,000-foot climb is steep and filled with avalanche debris. Regardless, if Jeff stays on pace he’ll be over 100 miles into the Colorado Trail by the end of today. He’s also looking really intense."  Stony Pass (94 miles) ~ 20:00

Day 3 (8/30):  "1:38pm. Jeff hit Mile 128 (Spring Creek Pass, Hwy 149) looking hella strong and recovered from the nasty storms of the last two days. He’s only checking his mileage at 6:25am every day, exact 24-hour intervals from his start. That helps him make sure he’s on track for the record without being stressed and constantly checking mileage. The altitude and effort is a bummer on his stomach, but he’ll be dropping lower for the next section."

Day 4 (8/31):  "Mile 183, 1:10pm. Jeff spent the day crossing rolling hills surrounded by ranches, cows, and oceans of sage. The film crew got a GPS ping from 10 miles out, which Jeff hiked at well over 3MPH to surprise them (again) by showing up 30 minutes before they predicted he would. By now, midday on Day 4, Jeff’s food weight is down by probably 8 pounds, and the terrain and weather is way more mild than the first three days. He’s well on track for the record and hiking strong. The Colorado Trail is incredible, with such varied terrain. The film crew captured this “cow country” area with long-distance photos and remote drone footage."

Day 5 (9/01):  "4:33pm, Mile 232. Jeff is on the Collegiate East section of the trail, cruising through aspen groves and along dirt roads. The crew got footage of him off Highway 50 near the Little Arkansas River, just 10 miles before his halfway point. The San Juans and San Luis Peak with a heavy pack was exhausting, his stomach is still bad, but he had a major victory this morning by keeping a Clif Bar down. He also had snow this morning and ice on his sleeping bag the other morning, but his attitude is great."

Day 6 (9/02):  "9pm, Mile 290. Cool, clear night with a full moon. The crew caught Jeff about 10 miles before Twin Lakes with a moon bright enough that it was possible to hike without a headlamp. This midsection of the CT is providing less opportunity for the crew to film Jeff, and they were only able to catch him in full dark last night. You can see the light of his headlamp up the trail. A message from Jeff confirmed that his mind has started to go, and he had his first hallucination the other night (a safari guide, crouched in the bushes with binoculars). With over 50 miles per day and two hours of sleep per night, will only get more intense from here. The weather is holding and there isn’t a cloud in the sky today. Fingers crossed for big miles."

Day 7 (9/03):  "Twin Lakes, outside Leadville. Jeff passed through here early this morning, which means he’s around mile 329... through the Collegiates and heading into the Holy Cross Wilderness. The weather is gorgeous and his spirits are good, even if his feet are totally mangled. Also! Jeff wants to know when y’all think he’s going to finish. For reference, to beat the 2016 standing record, he needs to finish before 6:57pm on 9/6, and he has about 157 miles left as of right now."

Day 8 (9/04):  "9:30am. Copper Mountain. After a hot mess morning for the crew (flat tire + dead camera batteries + no service + no idea where Jeff was + a 4,000-foot climb to location 2) they got to service and realized Jeff was VERY close. Elisabeth and Nik caught him coming down the Copper Mountain area, and Dylan and Austin hauled butt and should catch him at the top of the next pass within a few hours, around Mile 372. Once he’s there, it’s just over 100 miles to the end. (Is he not really blending in with the tiger hoody?)"

Day 9 (9/05):  Jeff crossed US-285 (Kenosha Pass) at about 8:45 this morning, leaving about 72 miles to go.

9/6/2020, 2:43pm. 9 days, 8 hours, 18 minutes. Colorado Trail complete.