FKT: Adam Wilcox - Carter Moriah Range Traverse (NH) - 2014-09-07

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4h 46m 33s

4:46:33 on September 7, 2014:

I added Mount Hight to Mike Robinson's route, which might cost a couple minutes, but makes for a much more aesthetic route that sticks closer to the crest of the ridge. It's also one of my favorite viewpoints in the Whites.

I've thought about establishing FKT's on some of the other common routes in the Whites for a while, and I'm happy that Mike took the initiative on this one. It's a worthwhile route and at 17-ish miles with 7500 feet of gain, it's not a whole lot easier than the Presidential Traverse. That first mile's a doozy.

I took a picture of Mount Moriah, the last peak, while descending the steep ledges on North Carter.