FKT: Bethany Garretson - Adirondacks: Gray, Skylight & Marcy (NY) - 2021-01-12

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5h 4m 25s

Note: I'm resubmitting this FKT as a winter FKT of Marcy, Skylight, and Gray via the DEC shortcut Secret Squrriel. 

In 2010, I was shown the Secret Squrriel shortcut by a retired DEC officer. It's a shortcut that has a distinct trail and is well used.

Directions for Secret Squrriel: 

*Start at LOJ and go towards Marcy Dam

*The turn for Secret Squrriel is about 1.8 miles in from the LOJ and on the left hand side of trail after a long boardwalk section. If you hit the newly rerouted section of trail you've gone too far. 

*Tip: Keep an eye out for a trail that goes left towards the river. It's very distinct. Go down to the river and by a cedar tree that has a heart carved into it, pick your way across the rocks. You'll hit an island, stay right on the trail, then pick your away across the river again to the trail on the other side. This trail will connect you with South Meadows. 

*This is a very easy river crossing in the winter when frozen and wonderful in the summer when the water's low. 

Note: This is a shortcut and saves at least 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your pace.