FKT: Brynn Cunningham, Rachel Luden, Colleen O'Neill - Lower to Upper Baughman Trail, uphill then downhill, out and back - 2023-03-31

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1h 23m 14s
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I met Rachel and Colleen for a run and asked them if they wanted to do a group FKT up Baughman, where we had planned to run anyway. They said yes, so we did it! It was a fun, talking-pace run with good effort, and we can't wait to beat our own time! Or for some more ladies to go for it!

It was 48-50 degrees, cloudy, and the trails were in good condition with several downed trees that were easy to hop over. I wore a hydration vest and drank Carborocket 333 Half Evil (I ran 4.7 miles before the FKT and two miles afterward) and shared some plain water and beet juice with Rachel. 

When I ran this route solo, my pace was faster, which registered less distance on my Garmin. This typically happens - the faster I run, the less distance is calculated. Thus, you will notice that my watch clocked us at 6.35 miles for this group effort, while the solo effort only calculated 5.9 or 6 flat. We began and ended at the official start and finish line, the Boaters Only Beyond This Point sign in the parking lot. 


A wonderful way to spend a Friday morning. Fridays are for FKTs!