FKT: Laurel DeVore - 7:30 Mine Trail - 2022-11-26

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58m 36s
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What a fun run and cool surprise to snag a few Strava crowns while I was at it! Happened upon this trail passing through Silver Plume and thought it would be fun to put it on the FKT map seeing as it is historic, scenic, a fair amount of vert, and very accessible from I-70. Started and ended right across the street from Bread Bar. Had a good steady climb up (it’s a doozy!) and fun bomb back down. Even with a little snow and ice in a few spots it ended up being super runnable, and would be 100% crushable in fully dry conditions. Definitely want to come back in the summer and cut down the time.

Rare time that I didn’t bring my phone so I unfortunately don’t have any pictures from during the attempt, but it was gorgeous and wish I could have snapped a few shots of the  view! If you’re passing through, or local to the Front Range, go check this trail out!