FKT: Luis Martinez - Franklin Mountain (TX) - 2021-04-03

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2h 2m 20s

I found out about a friend of mine a day before running for a charity, so I decided to go for the FKT to support him by running!

I carried just 2 bottles of water, and 2 chocolate bars, started running alone on the trail.

85 F hot sun, started running almost at 12:00 pm, stopping for about a minute at key points along the way to take pictures. Some hikers along the way, cheering me up when I told them that I was running uphill for a charity!

Arrived at the peak 2 hours later, and gave it a try to record the FKT downhill, but it was not my best.

The trail is wide and safe, and the vistas are awesome. Uphill is one of the routes for the Texas Lone Star Ultra, so perfect for training!

I looked to see if someone else has tried this trail all the way uphill running, but couldn't find any. I know runners out there can crush it, so give it a try!