FKT: Paul Weeks - Devil's Dome/Jack Mountain loop (WA) - 2018-08-04

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
8h 42m 21s

Note that Paul did a side trip up to Crater Mountain (see photo), which added exactly 1h to the overall time, but even with this beat the old FKT TH-to-TH.

Yesterday I ran the 40+ mile Devil’s Dome Loop through the North Cascades and Pasayten Wilderness. My goal was to set a new FKT (fastest known time) on this beautiful route. I got on the trail around 6:45, a little later than I’d hoped, but the temperatures stayed low and thankfully heat didn’t really end up playing much of a factor. My main struggle of the day was navigation. At around mile 7 I realized that I might have taken a wrong turn, but instead of trusting my gut, I pushed on uphill for another 2 miles. When I reached the top of Crater Mountain I realized that I’d made a huge error that added 4 miles and around 1,500ft of climbing to my route. I was frustrated for a minute then once I had time to process the mistake I was ready to chalk it up to a good opportunity for training. Once I made it back to the trail I was rolling. My goal was to see how fast I could get back to Ross Lake and then to the car. The high alpine trails were really fun to fly across and the trail down to Ross Lake lost 5,000ft in 5 miles 😵 I was cruising on the East Bank Trail and really enjoying the relatively flat trails. In the end I finished the run in 8hrs and 42min, beating the old record by less than 20min. It felt really great to accomplish what I set out to do, even with the bonus miles, and to also be done running. Afterwards I stumbled down to Diablo Lake for a much needed leg soak. Great day overall!