FKT: Ryan Welts, Adam Wilcox - Hundred Mile Wilderness (ME) - 2011-08-06

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1d 6h 48m 30s

On August 5 and 6, Ryan Welts and Adam Wilcox jointly ran the Hundred Mile Wilderness on the Appalachian Trail in Maine. We finished in 30:48:30 from the trailhead at Abol Bridge to the trailhead at ME 15 in Monson. We received pre-planned support at 5 points on publicly accessible logging roads along the way. My report is here:

Last year a team of 3 completed the same route in 39+ hours, the only other mention I can find of this route being done in a non-stop push. Two other runners also completed the route on the same day we did, in ~37 hours and ~42 hours (unsupported).