FKT: Samantha Lynn - Mahoosuc Traverse (ME, NH) - 2022-07-22

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 10m 6s

I have been wanting to do this traverse for a long time now and have done it once with a friend, but was always too scared to do it solo due to the remoteness and terrain but I woman’d up and got it done today. My goal was sub 10 hours but it was insanely humid from the beginning and the first half was very wet and slippery which slowed me down a lot. I ate well, drank well, only one low point when I smashed my “good knee” against a rock and couldn’t walk on it for a minute. Lots of AT thru hikers. Most were understandably miserable. I scared one and he yelled, and his yell was the same as my grandfather which was comforting. I blasted music the last 10 miles, sorry for anyone that had to listen to my thirst trap playlist for the few seconds it took for me to go by, but thanks to my favorite Peaches album I scared off a bear with 1.8 miles to go! I went to both the Old Speck summit and the Goose Eye summit. Felt weird not to go to Goose Eye too. Little bummed about my time, dry trails, cooler day and tapered legs would’ve gotten me below 10 hours, but happy that it wasn’t a sufferfest considering the 90 degree heat and 80% humidity and overall it was a pretty awesome experience and a solid training “race”. That is all. 

PS. Shout out to “Rides with Rob” for the super early car spot!