Posted Finished Athlete(s) Route Time
1 month ago Natalie Cotela Colorado National Monument 10 Canyon Traverse (CO) 11h 29m 19s
1 month ago Will Draxler The Acadia Round 8h 24m 1s
1 month ago Aubri Drake Presidential Traverse (NH) 12h 4m 0s
1 month ago Julia Martin Flat Rock Trail, Colonel Denning State Park (PA) 1h 24m 16s
1 month ago Courtney Ryan Scales and Blencathra Circular (United Kingdom) 1h 6m 10s
1 month ago Jacob Case Chena Dome Trail (AK) 9h 33m 29s
1 month ago Ramon Palomo Shark Valley Everglades National Park Loop (FL) 1h 38m 27s
1 month ago Jamieson Hatt Avon+Thames+Elgin Trail 3d 9h 56m 0s
1 month ago Christian Bauer In Ringbahn We Trust (Germany) 4h 12m 33s
1 month ago Chantal Demers Bruce Trail, Toronto Section (ON, Canada) 6h 7m 42s
1 month ago Chris Madrid Cerro Paine 2h 30m 58s
1 month ago Dan Durick, Matt Fay Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail to Kingdom Come 4h 50m 0s
1 month ago Chris Madrid Cerro Castillo, Torres del Paine (Chile) 2h 7m 59s
1 month ago Keilynn Alicea Aire Libre: Laguna Tortuguero to Hacienda La Esperanza route 9h 24m 2s
1 month ago Anthony Wolosik AT Roller Coaster: VA 7 - US 50 (VA) 5h 48m 23s
1 month ago Chad Hale Collins Gulf & Savage Gulf Combo - Savage Gulf State Park 7h 0m 32s
1 month ago Carrie Hale Collins Gulf & Savage Gulf Combo - Savage Gulf State Park 8h 26m 8s
1 month ago Mathias Welz Fehmarnumrundung (Germany) 5h 44m 22s
1 month ago Tim Weißbach, Björn Niehenke Venntrilogie (Belgium) 19h 53m 12s
1 month ago Mark Baines Opencast Way 5h 22m 11s
1 month ago Xavier Campos SmURPL (Smith Rock Ultimate Ridge & Peak Linkup) 1h 38m 36s
1 month ago Jeanne Mack, Mark Feigen Wallkill Valley Rail Trail (NY) 2h 20m 16s
1 month ago Christopher von Stelzer Birglandrundwanderweg, mit der Orchideenschlaufe Nr.34 (Germany) 3h 23m 54s
1 month ago Jan Kundörfer Tuchersteig (Germany) 2h 17m 15s
1 month ago Ben Eysenbach Shenandoah Peaks and Ridges 8h 32m 0s