Route: Auas Mountain Traverse (Namibia)


Submitted by Jaco Van den Berg:

The Auas mountain range is located in Khomas region in Namibia, situated just south of Windhoek on the horizon. The peak point on the mountain range is Molteblick at 2481m, this is also the second highest peak in Namibia, coming in just under the Brandberg.
The route will start at Voigtland guestfarm, from there you will follow jeep track and single track towards the foot of the mountain range. One will then start your ascent up towards the "ridge" and stick to the highest ground following the ridge for about 25km. Reaching the satellite station at the end of the mountain range indicates your descend onto the gravel road D 1504. Follow this road until you reach the main B1 road, which will be the end of your epic traverse.
There are 3 peaks to be tagged namely Auasende, Auas and Molteblick.

GPS Track