Route: Australia's 16 Highest Peaks

Submitted by keithj on Sat, 11/19/2022 - 01:27pm
New South Wales, AU
44 km
Vertical Gain
2,200 m

A variation of Australia's 15 Highest Peaks Route . This 44km route includes Australia's sixteen highest peaks starting and finishing at Charlotte's Pass Parking Area. 

The sixteen highest peaks in summit order are: 

  1. Mount Twynam, at 2,196 metres
  2. Little Twynam, at 2,120 metres
  3. Watsons Crags/Tennison Woods Knoll, at 2,136 metres
  4. Carruthers Peak, at 2,145 metres
  5. Mount Lee, at 2,100 metres (6,900 ft)
  6. Mount Northcote, at 2,131 metres
  7. Mount Clark, at 2,100 metres
  8. Muellers Peak, at 2,120 metres
  9. Alice Rawson Peak, at 2,160 metres
  10. Mount Townsend, at 2,209 metres
  11. Abbott Peak, at 2,145 metres
  12. Byatts Camp/Mt DuFaur, at 2,159 metres
  13. Mount Kosciuszko, at 2,228 metres
  14. Unnamed peak on Etheridge Ridge at 2,180 metres
  15. Rams Head North, at 2,177 metres
  16. Rams Head, at 2,190 metres

The route can be run either clockwise or anticlockwise and features a variety of trail, off trail and possibly snow. There is nowhere to refuel, however there are numerous water sources en-route.

The difference between this Route and the Australia's 15 Highest Peaks Route is that this variation includes Mt Clarke (2100m) & Mt Lee(2100m), but excludes Rams Head South (2052m).  The list is taken from wiki.

Also the start/end point at the car park is more convenient for most - and it ensures the route is 100% trail.

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Keith. This is a brilliant route. I can’t believe you did this in all that snow in October! Thanks for re-creating this challenge and improving on the old 15 Peaks course. 
I highly recommend this FKT.